Can Caspian Gas Help EU Diversify Supply?


Yes, it can but it’ll take time. Expanding the Caspian natural gas channel force can greatly profit the EU’s energy security in 2030- time horizon and beyond. As an immediate measure, the EU has concentrated on adding access to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Still, in the medium and long- term, precedence should be given to developing new natural gas channels from the Caspian.

Can Caspian Gas Help EU Diversify Supply?
Can Caspian Gas Help EU Diversify Supply?

EU has lately honored that it needs to reduce dependence on Russian gas. In addition to geopolitical considerations, there’s a strong profitable explanation for why the EU needs to proactively diversify its natural gas force. There’s a high degree of request attention, with three suppliers responsible for over 80 of natural gas significance to the EU in 2021. Such a high degree of attention exposes EU consumers to a lesser liability of supplier strategic geste and dislocations as well as increases the probability that the request will be underserved. Read about JCPenney credit card!

Non-Russian countries of the Caspian receptacle and Central Asia have about a quarter of the world’s natural gas reserves. Tapping into new Caspian gas is further cost-competitive compared to new LNG sources. In fact, natural gas product cost modeling commissioned by the UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy linked the development of new gas channels from the Caspian as one of the most cost-competitive options for the European request.

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On the economics of natural gas force diversification estimates that EU consumers would have seen lower noncommercial gas prices by 24 in 2021, had the European request secured better access to Caspian gas. This could have saved EU consumers between€ 24 billion to€ 48 billion in 2021. These benefits could be realized by enforcing the White Stream design, which would bring Caspian gas to the EU. This shovel-ready design was put on the back burner due to lost enterprises over climate change and a lack of political will. Reviving this strategic design moment would meaningfully contribute to perfecting European energy security in the 2030- time horizon and beyond.

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The gas request also supports the green transition in two important ways. First, it offers an immediate occasion for reducing hothouse gas emigrations. Burning natural gas rather than coal produces roughly half the carbon dioxide emigrations to induce the same quantum of energy. Second, natural gas offers a flexible and dependable source of balancing capacity to manage oscillations and energy force, which enables achieving an advanced penetration rate of renewable energy. Except for nuclear power, electricity generated through natural gas presently offers the most feasible and low-carbon volition to coal-grounded power as a result of intermittency. Over the long- term, renewable hydrogen has the implicit to come as a cover to natural gas. Still, indeed if the EU hydrogen strategy is completely enforced, only modest amounts of renewable hydrogen are anticipated to be available over the coming two to three decades. Thus, better access to Caspian gas is an essential complement to the EU’s hydrogen strategy and key to force diversification. Read about Https www twitch tv activate!

Crucially, burning natural gas can be compatible with the EU’s net carbon impartiality targets. Several options live for negativing hothouse gas emigrations associated with natural gas use. Options include planting carbon prisoner and storehouse technology, copping transnational equipoises, and using direct air carbon prisoner processes. While all options offer technically feasible results, the progress achieved in recent times indirect air carbon prisoner processes has the implicit to induce near-endless openings for emigration reductions at a reasonable cost. Thus, tapping into further Caspian gas is a result that strengthens the EU’s energy security and can be completely compatible with net carbon impartiality targets.


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