How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1


How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1: The gorgeous Duke Voreoti is the most terrifying man of the empire and has the iciest manner of speaking and a stare that can cause death. That child is mine I’m not even sure what that means! After spotting me in an orphanage that was shady I was taken away to his luxurious palace, without even a second thought. Today, I am learning the secrets of the fearsome Voreoti family through his Knights. But things can get a bit tense when the Duke is skeptical of my roots. With the jet-black hair, maybe we’re more than like-minded people…How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1 is explained in detail.

How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1
How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1

I would say that they are alike in that their fathers were more…dark? They’re more dark heroes if it is logical. They are heroes and they do kill others and don’t mean that “if you kill someone you’re no different from those you fight” as well. However, when you consider the characters, the girl in ‘I was the male lead’s adopted daughter’ looks similar to her father. She’s reckless and violent and doesn’t shy away from getting dirty. This is how she earned the affection of her father. “How to become a dark-heroes daughter’ is essentially the opposite.

She won the love of her father by being sweet, kind, and soft. She was a delight to be around. I’m not saying that she was not adorable I was the lead’s adopted daughter. The MC is cute too but in a different manner. In any case, both stories are excellent and I highly recommend these!

Quintyweeb Quintyweeb says…How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH1

11-year-old Estelle has never dreamed that her parents would sell her off. However, the buyer is the single and only duke of the empire Ein Castillo… and is he Estelle’s father? He is feared across the kingdoms due to his blood-red eyes as well as the enormous power of his bloodline, Ein has become the cold master of House Castillo. His loyal adversaries and dashing knights may become Estelle’s, but will the fact that his daughter is rare mean she’s the child of this family?

Who Made Me a Princess

The gorgeous Athanasia was murdered by her father of birth, Claude de Alger Obelia, the cold-blooded Emperor! It’s a simple nighttime story…until the woman awakes to discover she’s the princess of a different kind! She requires a plan to avert to avoid her fate and the time is getting shorter. So she chooses to follow plan A and remain as quiet as she can and not be caught by the notorious Emperor? Plan B is to collect enough money to escape the palace. Or will she remain in Plan C, working her way into her father’s manners? How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1 is a chapter in who made me a princess

I Became the Villain’s Mother – How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1

The novel she loves the most is hers as the notorious Duchess Roselia Chade, Haena is bathed in wealth, power, and even a personal family. How to be a Dark Heros Daughter CH 1. The life she has been living is perfect with the exception of the small fact the beloved stepson of her, Einspanner Chade can also be the terrifying mastermind that is set to take her life. In the present narrative, Ein is still a charming child, but he is yet to experience his horrific awakening, and Roselia will do everything to prevent Ein from turning into a brutal killer.

But when the Duke gets in her way and attempts to kill his child, raising a child destined to commit a crime could be more challenging than she originally thought. The future of mother and child is contingent on how Roselia is able to rewrite the story’s tragic end.


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