How to Chase an Alpha


How to Chase an Alpha is a Manawa that was written and illustrated by Kimnyeong and published through Bookcube as well as Naver Webtoon. The characters are part of the Omegaverse setting.

How to Chase an Alpha
How to Chase an Alpha

How to Chase an Alpha is available in Korean and English. How to Chase an Alpha also contains the Omegaverse, Drama, Romance, and Yaoi genres. It was released from the year 2019 to 2021.

The Synopsis How to Chase an Alpha

Yoon Wooyoung is the younger son of a rich family. You’ve got money, education, and appearance; everything is flawless. The only complicated thing about him is that he’s an omega recessive.

But, following a nighttime meeting with Cha Kyungjoo, an alpha dominant, there’s a bizarre shift in the body of Wooyoung.

The most courageous and regressing omega on the planet, Yoon Wooyoung, has reached an alpha who can never be loose.

Characters in How to Chase an Alpha

Yoon Wooyoung

Because Wooyoung is a perfect model due to his family background, he cannot believe that he’ll be a Beta for the rest of his life. He wonders if anyone could transform him into an Omega who knows, and no matter who they are, Wooyoung will catch him. Incredulous that he’s been in contact with Alphas in the past, Wooyoung recalls being intimate with Kyungjoo. After his father hears about Dr. Moon’s irritated call, he questions his brother about what information his father knows. In addition, he says that he was a recessive omega, pretending to be a beta. The doctor suggested that he calm down and not get into an argument. His weight is around 54 kilograms, and he stands 165 centimeters tall.

Cha Gyeongju

Alpha dominant that is opposed to omegas. When Wooyoung entered his bedroom, Kyungjoo thought he was insane after suddenly becoming romantically involved, but he quickly returned his love. Kyungjoo was named the son of his father’s Seosan group. As he sat on his throne like a chair, Kyungjoo was in the company of other alphas. At the same time, he reminded them to be jolly at the party, where he frequently was too busy in various situations. As Wooyoung was angry at someone, Kyungjoo stepped in and demanded to know why he was spending his time on things that weren’t worth the effort. How to Chase an Alpha is detailed.

Kang moon sik

Omega Doctor and Specialist. The doctor informs Wooyoung that his hormone levels have risen from normal to unstable and low because of the recession. He called Wooyoung’s dad to share the secret details.

Wooyoung’s father

Infuriated by phone contact from Doctor Moon, He stayed focused on Wooyoung and was curious about what the Alpha was and where the baseball bat was. He remarked that Wooyoung always stated that he couldn’t finish school, get married, or go to work, yet the boy did what he wanted. In light of the insanity of Kyungjoo and other sexist decisions regarding language, the Yoon family was furious anyone would ever touch the youngest in his family. Yoon family.

The Story of How to Chase an Alpha

In the How to Chase an Alpha world of males and females, betas account for 92 percent of all people. Omega comprises 22% of the population. Omega men also have the possibility of becoming pregnant. The Alphas make up 5%. They are born with intelligence and strength, placing them at the top social status. They can fertilize betas and omegas. There’s only one 0.01 percent chance that an alpha dominant could be born. However, it’s higher than other alphas. In the process of learning how you Chase an Alpha, Wooyoung is an inherited omega, meaning that the “rut” as well as “heat cycle” are influenced by hormones that aren’t functioning properly.


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